11 July 2011

The Bouncy Egg Project.

1. Put an egg in a glass jar/Container
On a whim Sunday morning I decided I wanted to make a squishy egg that was not hard boiled. So before we went to a baptism, then a bbq, then a shower I was hosting, and then small group and dinner Hunter and I started a squishy egg project.

2. Pour enough vinegar in glass jar to cover the  egg. 

3. The acetic acid in vinegar immediately starts reacting with the shell of the egg. 

4. Let Bubble over night.

5. Spoon out the next morning. 
The egg was really done that evening, but since my children were out like lights we let it sit overnight so Hunter could enjoy the reveal.

6. Test the squishiness. Yes that is a scientific term. : )
The egg is not cooked. The inside is still liquid. All that is left is the membrane. It is sturdy enough to bounce like a bouncy ball. It probably more than fine to bounce on the floor, but the mom in me is having him bounce it in a bowl. As a prank I may put it back in the egg carton for my husband to find. Hmmm. : )

7. Let your little one bounce it like a ball. 


Anjanette said...

This was a great idea! We did it after seeing this, and just so you know - it's pretty easy to bust if you throw it like *my* kids throw bouncy balls. :) Lots of fun though!

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

I've never seen this experiment, but definitely doing it. I like your idea of putting it back in the egg carton too. :)

Kristi @ Creative Connections for Kids said...

Oh I love this type of science experiment! Thanks for sharing it. If it's ok, I'm going to pin it to my Pinterest. Love the name of your blog. :) Thanks! Kristi

Mercedes said...

Of course pinning it is okay! Thank you for stopping by. I will try to find you on pintrest.

Anonymous said...

Will it spoil? Is it safe to eat? Looks like fun