20 July 2011

Board... Game... !

The supplies I gave Hunter
Recently when I get bored I think about what I enjoyed as a child. Duh! Why did that take so long for me to figure out?! My Grandma and Grandpa Brown would play board games with me all the time. Once my grandma had me make my own game and I was enthralled with coming up with drawings and rules. 
I figured I would give it a shot with Hunter. Since he is three I was half expecting him to look at me like I was crazy or want me to draw it all for him. 

Hunter immediately excited about the idea. 
I should have known better. Hunter was excited about it and immediately knew what his game was going to be about. I was thinking okay lets make spaces and make characters to move spaces, but that was too in the box for Hunter. 
Hunter made a train track and then ordered me before I corrected with a please to number his block for him. 
He totally ignored the pipe cleaners I gave him to make markers and he went and got his trains. 
Hunters rules are if you roll a one you take Thomas around the track, roll a two you take Edward, Three Henry, Four Gordon, Five James, and Six Percy. I remember their numbers because my life depends on it. Haha. I asked him how you win and he responded by you just play. 

Hmm wonder what his game is going to be about. 
 So my three year old has outsmarted me again. As I am writing this Hunter is STILL playing the game named so cleverly Thomas.
Trains of course!
Maybe next time I should break out a piece of cardboard and make it a real board game. ; )

Choo Choo!
How great is the mind of a child?! Especially my child. Yes I brag.  : )


Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

Great idea and it looks like he had a great time!

Chelley N said...

I love that, "you just play"! We could all stand to remember that sometimes :)