20 July 2011

25 days of summer heat

The news announced that we have had 25 days of 100+ temperatures. 
How many ways can you stay cool outside?
We tried the sprinklers, but when it 111 you need more!
So yes the water park remains our primary source of outdoor entertainment this summer. 

Lorelei concentrating on "her" water
Water balloons can only go so far. Hmmm. Water guns. I need to give that a try. Okay now I am on a mission that could so backfire in my face. Literally I envision both my husband and son spraying water in my face. Okay I am on a mission today. Something... Something....

Lorelei entranced
Hunter still not wet enough. I don't know how he keeps his hair dry!

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Chelley N said...

B has that same bathing suit... so cute!