14 June 2011

Wet N Wild Days at the Zoo!

Trying to get a picture of six kids is not easy!
I haven't ever gone to wet n' wild days at the zoo until this past Friday. It was quite an accident we caught this one. I think it will become a regular activity because with a membership and a packed lunch the only cost is gas and Hunter has more than a blast. 

Well now we got Charlie, but where did Hampton go. 
Former members of our church the Taylor's came down for a visit. It was so wonderful to be able to see them. Hunter was ecstatic to see Hampton who he enjoyed playing with when they still lived here. I am shocked Hunter remembered him. 
Suzanne taught me how important phone calls and cards are when someone is going through a difficult time. Our Church family was wonderful about making sure we knew we were in their thoughts and prayers and Suzanne had an even extra special gift. She had lost her mother a year before to cancer and I was completely oblivious that it had even happened. I really regret not being aware of my surroundings and being able to show her the love she showed us. She had definitely inspired me to at least be more aware. 
I am still far from having the gift she has, but she definitely gives me something to aspire to. : )

How can we climb this thing?

Mud pit from Firetruck spraying water. 

Loving the spray from the firetruck!

Hampton and Hunter discovered the mud!

This facial expression is priceless. 

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