14 June 2011

Upside down and Inside out on Main street. East Point VBS 2011

Me looking beautiful as ever playing Duck Duck Juice
Growing up I used to go to a really conservative church and I was never allowed to go to VBS. I always heard how much fun other kids had going and was very jealous. 
Luckily for my kids I am not on the super "Taliban" conservative side of the church. When I heard that we were going to put on an actual VBS this year I was ecstatic. (I seem to use that word a lot. )
I immediately signed up to be a coordinator and I am so glad I did.

Sponge Dodge Ball
I had as much fun helping to plan VBS as the kids did going. I am kicking myself for not taking pictures of the decorations. I will have to get some from people. 
We turned the hallway into a main street. We lined the hallways with buildings with cute names such as Prodigal Son Printing Press, Blooming Blessings Flower Shop, The Good Samaritan Hospital, and other ones I can't think of right now. We covered the floor with black table clothes and yellow duct tape to make a road. The snack room was turned into a bisto complete with awning, bistro tables, menu's, decorated food sacks, and chalk drawings. The story application room was decorated in bible times complete with pillars, old time walk way, floor pillows, and foliage. The kids also had bible robes to wear during story application. The craft room was turned into a factory with gears on the wall, three dimensional time clock, and bricks. The entrance to the outside games was decked out in flames! Also when you walked into the building the front entry way was all decked out as a roadside bistro with decorated lunch sacks of goodies for the kids that applied to the parable of the day.

Water cup relay. My Hunter is a little competitive booger!
We had almost 100 kids show up which was amazing!
During VBS itself I was the games coordinator. I think that is the place for me beside the fact it was a 100 degrees it is a blast running around with the kiddos. 
It was such a gift to see my son thoroughly enjoy himself. I guess not many VBS's allow 2-3 year olds. I am so glad that we did. They may have not understood all the concepts through the VBS, but they really enjoyed themselves and they did pick up a little. It made it where Hunter is even more thrilled to go to church and more excited about singing christian songs.

Hunter next to his buddies on their lead rope. 
We played all kinds of fun games. I think the kids favorite we tide between bubbles and pool noodle fights for the little kids and Duck Duck Juice and Sponge Dodge Ball for the Big Kids. Course I think the 4-6th graders loved attacking me with the pool noodles. I am amazed I was able to walk afterwards. lol.
Pool Noodle Fights!

Hunter coming after his Momma

My Group
The last day we had an all inclusive Fellowship night. Hunter won the prize for bringing the most friends. We had a skit, we sang songs, we had hot dogs and hamburgers, a 30 ft inflatable obstacle course, a pirate ship inflatable obstacle course, and a fire pit for cooking smores. Hunter enjoyed himself so much I literally had to take him by throwing him over my shoulder while he kicked and screamed the whole time. Hunter keeps asking me in the mornings if we are going to VBS that day. I think I am as bummed as Hunter that VBS is over. I guess time to start planning for next year.

Inflatables on the last day. 

Hunter letting his light shine. 

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Heather said...

We LOVE us some VBS. I have the best memories of VBS from when I was a kid. It looks like you guys had so much fun!