13 June 2011

Thomas Spent the Day out with Hunter!

Hunter can not contain his excitement to see Thomas.
As parents we do crazy things for our children. When I found out about the day out with Thomas I knew that this must be something we took Hunter to. In case you are not aware my son is obsessed with Thomas. 
We drove 6 hours round trip just to see Hunter's excitement. Just as I had expected Hunter was overcome when he saw the life size Thomas. Everyone in line was laughing cause Hunter just squealed and squealed that he was that close to Thomas. I should have taken him to hug him and ignored the rules for a split second like other parents did. It didn't occur to me at the time. As much as a rule follower I am I think that one wouldn't have hurt to have broken. Maybe next year.

Loves watching trains as always!
The event was not as well planned as Anton and I had expected, but Hunter was thoroughly thrilled the entire day. Of course the Highlight of the day was seeing Thomas and getting to ride in Thomas. I asked Hunter which coach we were in and he said Clara- Bell. Hunter's cousin Benny and his family were supposed to come up with us. Benny is the one that converted Hunter to Thomas everything. Unfortunately car problems kept them from coming North. The people let us use the tickets so Hunter could ride Thomas twice. He was ecstatic at that opportunity; however, according to Anton he only made it a couple minutes into the second ride before he passed out. I guess Hunter had a big day of fun. I wonder if Hunter will remember any of this when he is older.

Happy to see trains almost as much as her brother. 

Ready to Roll!

Hunter was thrilled to be riding in Clara bell. 

Had to show Sir Topham Hatt some love. 

Hunter coming back on his second ride. 

Done for the day!

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