26 June 2011

The Lake!

Excited to be out on the water. 
It isn't officially summer until you get the boat out on the water. The past two weekends at the lake have been wonderful. We were worried about how Lorelei would do her first time out getting used to the life jacket and the boat. Lorelei was an immediate boat lover and a pickle was all it took to convince her the life jacket thing wasn't so bad.

Lorelei Radioing Contacts
It was deja vu for me seeing miss Lorelei in Hunter's former life jacket. We had bought Lorelei a new adorable lime green life jacket, but it was already to small for her poor little neck. Hunter is always ecstatic to be on the boat. Even if he gets a little sea sick when it is windy. He upchucked those bananas and then was ready to fish and go to the shore to throw rocks.

Our lovely lil Family
I do not know what it is about throwing rocks, but it is Hunter's form of heaven. I like being able to sit on the sandy beach with my feet in the cool water and watch my two little fish have a blast. Lorelei loves swimming in the lake. It took no warming up for her. She was an immediate fish. I almost think if I let go of her she would just swim off since she is so good at kicking and paddling in the water.

Kiddos with Papa

Hunter loving the tube
Hunter Henry loves tubing. It is a blast riding with the dude and hearing his pure excitement over each wave we go and "whale" we see. Each Summer the first weekend on the boat makes me realize how much Hunter has grown over the past year. He is no longer a baby, but his own little man with his own habits.

Telling daddy faster!
It is going to be a wonderful summer on the water with my family and two beautiful kiddos!

Lorelei in her usual spot with her usual snack.. the pickle. 


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