08 June 2011

Kung Fu Panda 2

You know those annoying people in the movie theater that you can't stand. They talk through the whole movie their kids won't stop touching you and popcorn is everywhere. Well we have officially become that annoying family.
Hunter got the movie Kung Fu Panda on his first Black Friday from Papa. It has stayed at papa's house and has probably been watched over a 100 times. He now acts out the moves in the movie and says the lines before they say it on the movie. So when we heard that 2 was coming out we knew it was one we would see in the theater. Memorial day we surprised the kiddos by taking them to the theater.
Hunter was even more ecstatic than I expected. We got him a popcorn larger than his head and he was ready to go. 
Both kiddos were well behaved till the lights went down. Apparently their excitement could not be contained. Lorelei loved the animals and would baby squeal in delight at them. 
Hunter started shouting "it's panda... it's panda.. look mommie it's panda!"
At that moment when I am attempting to hush my son I realize Lorelei is stealing popcorn from the person next to me. I move her to the other side of my lap and apologize. Simultaneously Lorelei takes the straw from Hunter's drink and splashes drink allover the lady's face to whom I am apologizing. So I hand Lorelei to Daddy to spare the lady. Lorelei gets her straw and has great aim and splashes the same lady in the face. Drinks go on the floor. Hunter is upset cause he can't get his drink. Hunter gets drink back. Lorelei splashes lady. Rinse and Repeat. 
Hunter gets into the movie. "Mommie look Panda sad! Mommie look Panda Happy! Aww Panda Sad! Yeah Panda Happy!" "Go Panda Go Panda!"
At the end of the Movie and Anton and I are battle worn Hunter exclaims " Watch Panda again please!" 
"Not until it is on video I don't think they want us back for a while"

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Chelley N said...

WOW! You are so brave! I'm always too nervous to think about taking B to the movies. Of course, I'm not sure she would appreciate it at this age anyway. I think it's great that you do so much with your kiddos! And hey, I'm sure the people next to you didn't mind sharing their popcorn :-)