21 May 2011


 If you know my son at all you are well aware that he absolutely obsessed with trains. When I began as a stay at home mom this January I googled local things to do in the area. I have lived here all my life and I had never heard of the Transportation Museum until now. I knew I had to keep this in mind for warmer weather. Spur of the moment today I decided it was a great time to surprise Hunter and Lorelei is always game to tag along.
Conductor in training.

What a view. 

Right at home
I loved this train.
I took so many pictures that I am going to do a couple of posts to get them on the blog. 

Hunter was in pure elation when he saw the trains. I loved how he was allowed to climb on and in the trains. 

Hunter so excited to be in an actual train. 

All aboard. 

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