23 May 2011


Petting the Kangaroo
Hunter has made a new friend Johnie that he met at My Gym. It is so nice for Hunter to have a male friend close to his age that actually lives close and not in South Texas. (Miss you Benny!) Kristi (My new friend) had a groupon and I had tokens left over from going previously with "Megan.. Abby.. Friend", so we got to go with no new money spent. 

Hunter feeding the Lorikeets
I still am amazed every time we go how close and personal you can get with the animals. I don't have a picture but a Giraffe licked my face and kept sniffing my ear. Hunter was ecstatic about feeding the birds. I couldn't convince him into the Giraffes this time. Sometimes he is game and sometimes not so much.

Feeding more Lorikeets

Lorelei trying to get on the action
As much of a sweaty mess Lorelei was she was such a good baby. She loved watching the animals which included Johnie and Hunter.

Hunter and Johnie talking to the Lemurs after feeding them. 
Hunter always has fun when I take him to do things, but I am no competition for his buddy Johnie.

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