21 May 2011

My kiddos breakin' it down

Mmm cupcake
It was my first time taking both my kiddos to a wedding. I also did it by myself so I am quite proud. Hunter was not so sure about the wedding. I thought it would be a great idea to sit in the back; however, Hunter was very upset that he could not see. That caused a little bit of a child control problem.  
Immediately right after the wedding they passed out cookies, so Hunter was a little more interested in this wedding thing. 
I wish I would have gotten pictures of the petal toss afterwards. People were tossing the petals and Hunter was running around and picking them up, putting them back in a cone and handing them to me. He was so proud of himself. Too cute. 
When we arrived at the reception they had a whole sweet table. It had suckers, cupcakes, laffy taffy, rock candy, m&m's, and much more. Hunter was now officially convinced this wedding was worth attending.

Lorelei as pretty as ever
Lorelei loved being held by everyone at the wedding. I think she looked absolutely adorable and I am pretty sure she knew she was cute.

Let's get this party started
When Hunter heard the music start he was set. He tried to grab anyone near by to dance. He danced for a solid hour and a half and was still going past 10:00pm when I convinced him we should head home. I wish I would have been able to have gotten a picture of Lorelei dancing with me. Her face was pure elation even past ten. Maybe for a birthday party this next time around I should just put on some music and let them dance.

Trying to cut in

Buddy your a lil too young to bring a garter home

Let's dance the night away!

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