21 May 2011

Little Blue Engine that Could.

I was pleasantly surprised by the museum. I had only expected  for two things outside to look at and I assumed there would be no touching allowed. 
It looks like the museum must be part of a train station not in use anymore. All the trains were on tracks and all of them you could climb on and go inside. To top it off it was next to active tracks. A train went by   
every fifteen minutes. The trains were close enough if  you waved the engineers would wave back and blow the whistle. Also close enough if I needed to pick out an engineer in a line up I could have done it no problem.  

Elated that another train is coming.
Hunter was so thrilled to be on or in a train while watching the trains pass. He loved how the trains we were on would sway as the other trains passed us.

I think if I would have packed us a lunch we would have literally spent all day there. We were there for over three hours and he was still in pure bliss. 

Hmm which train next. It is only my fourth time around.
We actually walked down to leave once cause he said that he was starving, but as we were almost out the door he said he could hold his hunger to say bye to the trains one more time. We were there for another 45 minutes.

"Mom this is NOT THOMAS. It is the little blue engine!"

Climbing the trains like a pro!

Waving at the passing trains.

"Now this train is too big to put in my mouth!"
I was amazed how much Lorelei seemed to enjoy herself. Since Lorelei has been exposed to trains from 3 hours old she has grown quite fond of them. If you lay out an array of toys in front of her she will almost always go for the train.

Two loving siblings in a caboose.
I am glad how fond my children are of each other most of the time. A sibling relationship is not something to take for granted!

Hunter also enjoyed just walking up and down the tracks. Lorelei sat in the grass in the shade (mommy mistake I forgot sunscreen) while Hunter would go to the end of the line and back. He absolutely loved this independence. Course he kept turning around to make sure he could still see us.

I made it in a picture! Hunter too busy checking out train to smile. : )
Hunter finally got so hungry he couldn't stand it, but he stuck that big ole lip out all the way to the car cause he thought I could magically make food appear to eat in the train. Next time I guess a sack lunch is in order. : )  Hunter is already begging me to bring him back when his cousin Benny comes to visit. I guess I will have to see what we can arrange. : )

Pout as we left. Look at that lower lip about to drag on the ground.

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