26 April 2011

Friends University Easter Bash 2011

Required picture with Freddy the Falcon
Since Hunter has been born we have made the Friend's University Easter Bash apart of our Holiday tradition. Even though it was only forty degrees this year. Hunter had a blast as usual. I think he had even more fun since we invited his good friend Johnnie along this time as well. 
Lorelei enjoying watching from a warm spot.
This was Lorelei's first year for the Easter bash. She enjoyed watching everyone running around. I definitely think she will enjoy it a lot more next year when she will be hunting her own eggs!
Hunter running for eggs.
Friend's does such a great job at making sure there are plenty of eggs for everyone. Hunter would spill them out of the back end of his truck and put candy in other peoples baskets and he still came back with tons of candy! This year Hunter really got into the egg hunting part of Easter!
Hunter and Johnie working at finding the eggs.

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