26 April 2011

Friends Carnival After Hunt

Hunter and Julie tackling the obstacle course.
Following the Friend's egg hunt the real fun begins at the carnival. Being a parent of more than one child it is a learning experience keeping track of both my children. Luckily only one is mobile right now. Hunter would zip from one thing to another as he had done in previous years I was just struggling zipping behind him with baby in tow. Hunter love the obstacle course. He probably went with Julie on it at least five times.

So cute with his little tie in the bouncer. 
I thought Hunter bouncing in his cute tie was perfectly adorable. Aunt Terra always does a great job picking out clothes. Hunter would circle this bouncer over and over. If I ever lost site of the dude I would check this bouncer and luckily that is where he would always be. 

There were also lots of carnival games and Hunter raked in the prizes! He even learned an early reader Thomas book which he was completely ecstatic about!

Both exhausted after a long day.
At the end of the day when the line is gone I torture my children by making them take a picture with the Bunny. I would do it before they are exhausted but at that time the line is 50 feet long, so we just grab one quick before going home.

Hunter did not want to be left out. 
Hunter was jealous that he wasn't in the picture with Johnie, so we grabbed one to appease the exhausted dude.

And he is out for the count!
The true sign of a good time is when they are out before you hit the street!

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