27 April 2011

Egg Decorating.

Mommie Mule
If you have not noticed I tend to get a little excited about Holidays. My husband claims we have holiweeks instead of holidays. Just cause Hunter went to four egg hunts and had three egg decorating get togethers doesn't mean I go overboard.... Okay even I realize that may have a bit much. Course I will do it all again next year since Hunter (next year Lorelei) enjoy it so much.

Following the girls lead.
Every year since we have known the girls we have decorated eggs together. This is when he gets the most into egg decorating. He loves the girls company and prays for the every night. He also asks on a bi -daily basis to hang out with them. I am glad Hunter cares so much for his friends!

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Lisa said...

Congrats! You are the winner of my giveaway! I'll have your package in the mail shortly!