27 April 2011

Easter and Egg Hunts!

Easter Bunny gifts waiting for the kiddos when they woke up.
I absolutely love holidays! Holidays are especially more fun when you get to watch your children's pure enjoyment.

Hunter in class Easter Morning.
Easter morning was a bit rushed since I teach the 2-3 year olds bible class. I went a little over board for class Easter morning. I had gift bags for every kid and every kid got silly bands, chocolate dipped peeps, easter suckers, stickers, eggs, and candy. We had fun crafts, games, stories, and songs. Conveying the importance of resurrection to 2 and 3 year olds was a little interesting, but they really enjoyed themselves and kept saying Thank you Jesus.

Cleaning House at the Church Egg Hunt
Immediately following services we had an egg hunt. I think every member in church donated eggs. Hunter came home with a plethora of goodies and a huge grin on his face. It was wonderful getting to do such a fun activity with our church family.

Looking through his goodies in his basket made by Papa and Granny Di
Our Easter tradition is having to find your bunny easter basket. I filled the basket with books, both my children's love. Hunter immediately plopped down and started looking for the books. While Hunter was distracted Lorelei went for the eggs.

Lorelei got caught chasing an Egg

Hunter on the run for more eggs.
Of course we did our own egg hunt. Hunter had about 4 dozen okay maybe 6 dozen eggs to Hunt for all by himself. Most were filled with toys and hot wheel cars since he gets plenty of candy as it is on holidays. Hunter did really well. He found 2/3rds of the eggs until he started getting cold, so I made him take pictures and we went and ate a wonderful meal.

Me torturing my family with the required family photo.
I really need to be more cognoscente about getting more family pictures.

Lorelei cute in her fluffy dress and bunny ears!
Hunter will have competition next year for eggs. Lorelei was so enamored with the eggs. She was so cute. I tried to get Hunter to get a picture with me, but he was a little distracted with all the fun.

Hunter and Papa flying "lightening" kite
After dinner Hunter and Lorelei opened their goodies from Papa and Auntie. They are always so giving to our children. Hunter was almost as excited as Papa was about the Lightening McQueen kite.

Flying the kite
By this time Tony and I were exhausted and done for the day even though the kiddos were still ready to roll. Tony and I somehow mustered the energy to take Hunter to his 3rd egg hunt of the day to my Grandparent's.

On the run for more eggs
How Hunter was still able to run around with pure glee is unnatural I think. This time the eggs were hidden a little more, so Hunter had to work more for the eggs. He did a great job. Then when they found all the eggs he wanted to keep playing, so I sat on the porch chucking candy for him to go run and chase.

Having to look a bit harder. 
He thought the egg fetch game was awesome! Too funny I think. When he would come back with his loot he would say "One for you, and you, and me." while placing a piece of candy in each of their baskets. He is far from a great sharer as he is only 3, but he frequently impresses me!

So cute running in his little suit!
Hope you all had a great Easter! We sure enjoyed ourselves!

Oh and Thank you to my husband who tolerates my insanity!

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