27 April 2011

Dairy Farm

Mommie where are the pigs?
A lady at church did us a wonderful favor by setting up a tour at the dairy farm. Living in the mid west we are around cows frequently, but don't always get to see the behind the scenes of where your food comes from. Hunter is still talking about the cows he enjoyed it so much. I am so glad from an early age he gets exposure where some of our "groceries" come from.

Fine I will look at camera. No smile though!
It has been raining here quite a bit so I think the mud was one of the main attractions for the children.

They are pooping not milking.
It was really interesting to see a smaller scale farm and how they operate. My previous experience with dairy farms were much larger.

Can I drive the bobcat please?!

Ugh a picture with mommie!
I was glad Hunter was excited about the "baby cows". We are thinking about starting him in 4H when he turns four.

We are blessed to have a great church family to do so many interesting things with!

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