07 March 2011

Puppy Love

Chance just letting Lorelei tug away.
Aunt Terra and Uncle Mike came back from Japan and are moving to the states. I slacked on the picture taking and almost all the pictures of them with the kiddos is with Hunter in his underwear, so those pictures probably won't make the blog. Since they are moving back they brought their "doggies" and are staying at Papa's house for a couple of months. 
Lorelei has been incredibly sick with a stomach bug which led to an awful diaper rash. She was pretty much inconsolable. Luckily Aunt Terra and Uncle Mike left behind great therapy. Chance. He would just let her lay on him. She could tug and pull on his hair and he didn't even flinch. It was the only thing that brought her and us peace while she has been sick. I think Lorelei fell in love. : )

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