25 March 2011


I am currently working on starting Lorelei on her vegetables. I am strict about staying to the 3 to 5 day rule in between new foods and put all her start dates on a calendar. I am also really strict about no eggs, milk or milk products, peanuts, strawberries, and Honey till they are one and two for others. So when I do things like this it may surprise people, but pickles are an important vegetable right?! I also am sticking to the 3 to 5 day rule with pickles. (I asked the doctor with Hunter and Lorelei and she said it is perfectly fine she is just surprised to hear of babies that like pickles.)
So far Lorelei has eaten rice cereal, baby mum mums, sweet potatoes, squash, peas, green beans, and pickles. (oh and two french fries. shhh) 
Not too surprisingly she loves pickles! She is officially a Hayes. : ) 
What does surprise me when it comes to traditional baby food is that peas and green beans are her favorite. She hasn't disliked anything yet even the apple pie someone at work gave her a bite of and I quickly bit off their head. (Seriously don't feed other peoples babies with out asking! You don't know what they are allergic to hence the 3-5 day rule. Tangent sorry..)

I know once I tell her Papa she can have pickles she is going to be having one every day. : )
Mmm pickles and rice!

How can I put this whole thing in my mouth?

Not quite! 


Chelley N said...

She is seriously so beautiful! Sorry if I say that in every comment, haha. Brianna LOVES pickles, too. If she sees them, she will whine and cry for them. I have always thought that was strange, but I guess not!

Mercedes said...

Thank you. You can put that in as many comments as you want. I love hearing it!

Lisa said...

That is hilarious! Chloe Jo won't touch the things!