09 March 2011

Lorelei's 5 month pictures.

I can hardly believe my Lorelei is 5 months. Both my children are growing so fast. Lorelei pulled up on her knees yesterday. She is no longer a tiny little thing. We all are so blessed to have her happy giggling spirit in our lives.
My two Beautiful Children!
These two love each other!
So Sweet!
Makes me want to pinch her cheeks!
Hunter absolutely treasures Lorelei. 
It brings me so much joy to see how much they love each other.
Those eyes are just breath taking!
We couldn't get her to chew on her feet long enough to get the picture. 
Her little praying hands. She does this at night when Hunter prays. So perfect.
So serious.

Look at her lil pout. 
She gives this look all the time. I love it. 
Just makes me so Happy. 
I absolutely love how happy she is. She is just a ball full of Joy!
I wish I would have gotten this collage. 


Kristen B. said...

Your babies are sooo precious and beautiful!

Lisa said...

I love that 3rd picture! She is so cute and looks so much like Hunter!

Mercedes said...

Thank you soo much!