18 March 2011

Let your light shine.

As I was busy taking care of things I was letting Hunter play with Miss Lorelei. At first I wasn't paying attention and then I heard Hunter say " Make a Bushel Lorelei and say no" Then he would sing the song and she would giggle. Hunter considered it serious work teaching Lorelei the first song he learned. It was adorable! Hunter would do the motions before he could speak. I think Hunter has Lorelei on the path as well.
Trying to show Lorelei how to hide her finger in the bushel.

Showing Lorelei his light. (Yes he just ate a green cupcake.lol)
When I realized what he was doing I plopped Lorelei in his lap to make it easier for Hunter. He struggled with her getting her light out, but he made sure to show his. It struck me that not only was he teaching Lorelei the song he was also truly letting his light shine.

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