10 February 2011

Snow Day!

I love the snow! I love the ever changing weather of Kansas even if it is 16 below 0 today.

Some of Hunter's friends "Habby and Megan Friend" came over to play since their school was canceled, but their mom's work wasn't.
Hunter was elated.
We made puppet love bugs and love birds for Valentine's day. (Hunter said his was a love Thomas even though it still had heart wings lol.)

What is a snow day especially one right before Valentine's day with out making sugar cookies? I am impressed with how well they did doing almost the whole process themselves.
Hunter has made cookies so many times he memorized the ingredients. (Course when you are using the bag it isn't that hard.) We only make homemade from scratch about once a month the bags are just too cheap to not use.

After Lunch while the cookies were cooling we had to go experience the snow ourselves. I had planned for lots of activities, but with it being bitter cold they were literally outside for five minutes. Lorelei was the only warm and comfy one. She actually started sweating which is crazy when it was in the single digits.

Well hot coco and blankets are a must after a snow expedition.

Once the kids tootsies were warmed up of course it was puzzle time. It is a Hunter required past time the little puzzle whiz.

Lorelei adored having an abundant amount of attention. She sure slept good last night!

Before cookie decorating they played find the octopus and starfish. They went crazy over that game. I didn't think such a simple game would be such a hit. They probably played it for a good to hours only stopping to eat pizza and decorate cookies. They were running around squealing with elation. It is definitely becoming a regular game!

After decorating cookies( Hunter would eat his as fast as he decorated them) and it was time for the girls to go home they didn't want to leave and Hunter didn't want them to go. They spent a full 12 hours over our house, so I figured they would be done. Guess not. First thing this morning Hunter asked where Habby and Megan friend were. I guess we will just have to hope for another snow day. : )

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Chelley N said...

WOW! What a busy snow day! It sounds like you all had tons of fun :-)