17 February 2011

My lil fish is growing up!

Hunter absolutely loves going swimming. Hunter, Lorelei, and I go to the indoor water park at the YMCA at least once a week if not twice to swim. (Great way to burn of energy in the Winter!)
My father-in-law finally convinced me to sign Hunter up for swimming lessons. I signed him up for a Mommie and me class, but they moved him to a preschool class since no one else signed up for the Mommie and me class. I was fearful how he would do on his own. 

He loves it! He loves playing with the children and loves having some independence. 
I also think he loves swimming before and after class with just Mommie and with out Lorelei so he can actually go in the deep end and play on the snake. Soon my little fish will be swimming on his own...
I think it is too cute when little kids hold hands.

Dreaming about the slide

still staring at the slide!

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Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Them holding hands is precious!