16 February 2011

Date Night

It has been way too long since date night! Well since before Hunter was born. We decided to finally take advantage of a wonderful babysitter from church and have an official date night. It was so worth it! We had a beautiful dinner at Yia Yia's and stopped by Cocoa Dolche for some amazing chocolates with out having two children tugging us in different directions. I felt like we were dating again with out the fear of him not liking me.
We had so much fun we decided that date night needed to come around a lot more frequently!

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Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Y'all are a cute couple! Glad you had a nice date night out together...take it from me who has raised 2 girls and been married 23+ years....DATE NIGHT is a MUST to keep that relationship going!!! You two look very happy!