16 February 2011


As you can tell I love getting my /children's pictures taken and taking pictures myself. Normally I take the kiddos to get their pictures done by myself. This is not an easy task! Here are just a few of our bloopers
"Hunter Look at the Camera"

"Hunter Smile with your tongue in your mouth!"

"Lorelei stop eating the Lady bug ...Hunter sit down!"

"Hunter sit on your butt...Lorelei Look at the camera"

"Lorelei stop rolling"

"Shhh Shh. We almost done"

" Hunter... Hunter Smile"

"Hunter we are almost done look at the camera and smile"

"Hunter Hug the monkey not throw it!"

" Hunter... Hunter... HUNTER!!!!"

"Get your finger out of your nose!"


"Shh shh we are almost done"

"Lorelei Stop trying to dive off... Hunter don't drive off with the stroller!! Hunter...HUNTER!..Ok I am DONE!"
Sometimes I am amazed we get any good pictures at all, but we always seem to. By the time I come home I am exhausted, but so glad I spent the ridiculous amount of money and time. : )