25 January 2011

Christmas Eve

It may be out of order, but I wanted to post all of our Holidays. For Christmas Eve we went to my grandparents house who Hunter calls gamma and gampa Turner.

Hunter was either mesmerized by the train or running around circles chasing Ashley and Austin. Lorelei once again was as happy as could be being passed around.

My Grandpa Romauldo was as chipper as ever and My Gramma Jeannie was running around as always.

I switched roles this year. I always remember the meal being such a boring part of the holiday and wanting to skip dinner and go right to presents. My poor son could barely drag Anton and me away from the dinner table. Anton smoked a ham. Yumm. Who could walk away from that and my grandma made tons of delicious sides and then bought a whole bunch of desserts from La Gallette. I think I gained 5 lbs that night.

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