25 January 2011

Casebolt Christmas 2010

As always we had a packed Christmas with lots of family. As exhausting as it is we enjoy ourselves. The poor Hunter Dude was so exhausted from Christmas morning and having no nap it took him a while to warm up at Pappy and Granny Tigers. Once he did he had a lot of fun playing with his Cousins.

Lorelei loved being passed around course Brett and Brennon hogged her most of the time. Lorelei didn't mind one bit.

Anton won the money bag game again this year with a whooping $43 and some change.
I didn't bring my game this year. I got mainly nickels and Hunter almost got as much as I did.

That will be a tradition we will have to keep alive.


Lisa said...

Wish we could have been there!

Mercedes said...

Us as well!