09 November 2010

MR Personality!

I didn't think at this age Hunter would care so much about what he is wearing. Boy was I wrong! He has got a style all of his own. Mostly it revolves around McQueen slippers and pajamas, but hats are becoming a new staple. Amazingly he comes out with matching outfits more than I would expect. At least he isn't walking around with a helmet and rain boots everywhere.

08 November 2010

Lorelei's One Month Pix

Lorelei is One Month!

Little Lorelei Jean is one month! I don't think I can say it enough how fast time flies! Here Lorelei is sitting on her special quilt next to elf herself wearing a monthly sticker. My plan is to take this picture every month with the coordinating sticker to have a growth comparison. We will still get professional pictures every month, but I think this will show scale better. I wish I would have done this with Hunter, but I can't go back in time.
It was interesting taking this shot because she kept trying to eat elf herself and when make her stop she would get mad. Stubborn like her momma!

05 November 2010

Lorelei is four weeks!

Someone pinch me. There is no way four weeks have already gone by. Why when you are in absolute bliss does it go by so fast! Having this opportunity to stay home with my family has been wonderful. Watching my little girl grow is unbelievable. She is smiling for real now. She pretty much only smiles at Hunter when he is being goofy or she is farting. Every now and then mommie and daddie can make her smile, but apparently we do not have the touch like Hunter does.

She even kind of giggled yesterday. For some reason I thought they were older when the giggled. Tummy time has been interesting since she scooches all over and has successfully rolled twice. I like her on her back where she stays put. Luckily the rolling thing is not well established.

She is increasing in how alert she is every day. She also apparently thinks the world of her brother. He can poke her eyes, tug her ears, pinch her cheeks, and pull at her feet and she just coos. If mommie or daddie accidentally do any of those things she screams bloody murder. Seriously yesterday Hunter had his finger up her nose and she thought it funny then i barely scratch it by accident then she screams bloody murder. See where I rank!

I love taking pictures of her especially since she is absolutely gorgeous! What a blessing it has been to our family to have her!

01 November 2010

Trick OR Treat

We had an absolute blast this Halloween. The past couple of years Hunter only Trick Or Treated the houses in our culd-a-sac and was done. This year on Halloween Eve we stopped by my Grandparents on Trick-OR-Treat street and went to my Grandparents friends houses.

Apparently that got him in the mood. By Halloween he was so excited he ran from house to house with pure enjoyment. He would normally just say "treat" instead of "Trick or Treat" and he was very good at his thank yous.

I have never had so much fun on Halloween before. Watching my child enjoy Halloween is way better than my childhood Halloweens. Lorelei was such a trooper. She pretty much slept as we walked around Trick- Or-Treating, but as soon as we got home she was wide a wake ready to go.
Hunter enjoyed Trick-or-Treaters coming by the rest of the night. He loved putting candy in their bags which was great, because Anton bought enough candy for three hundred kids and we normally only get 40 unlike my grandparents who get about 400 kids a Halloween night.

To recover from our fun Halloween festivities from the weekend Hunter, Lorelei, and I watched Christmas movies all day on my bed while I folded laundry. We had a healthy diet of popcorn and Candy before the candy restriction goes back into affect tomorrow. This was my best Halloween so far in my life. Watching your children enjoy the holidays is amazing. I loved watching Hunter watch the Christmas movies as he is getting more and more excited about SANTA. Oh what fun!

Hope everyone had an excellent Halloween like we did!