30 October 2010

Halloween Fun!

I absolutely love Holidays! I love watching my children enjoy them as well. Especially since I have the most adorable children! Yesterday we took the kiddos around the businesses in our town. Hunter made out like a bandit with Candy.

Course Hunter's favorite thing was the fire fox which we had to visit twice. When we would walk away from the fox he would walk backwards waving to the fox while repeating"bye fox!" over and over. The fire department thought it was adorable, so they came up and asked us if we could get a picture of Hunter with the fox. We tried for five minutes, but Hunter was too busy talking to the fox and hugging the fox to bother to turn towards the camera.

Hunter begged to be a puppy this year, so his Aunt Terra bought him a puppy costume. When the costume first arrived he refused to wear it. Finally we bribed Hunter with a sucker to try on the costume. He hated it at first, so we took him to the mirror. That didn't convince him, so we took a picture of Hunter in the costume and showed it to him. Hunter loved the costume after that and we couldn't peel the thing off of him later that night.

Little miss Lorelei is a sweet lady bug this year. She is so adorable as a lady bug it just makes me want to squeeze her. Hunter thinks she is so "tute" as a lady bug/ cat. He is convinced that she is both cause her lady bug antennae look way too much like cat ears to Hunter. Lorelei doesn't care what Hunter thinks she is. She just loves the attention.

Today I took the kiddos to Old Cowtown Museum for their Hooves, Hay, and Halloween day.

Both of my children thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Lorelei loved riding in the stroller and gawking at all the kiddos. She was a content child for two and a half hours which is amazing for only being three weeks. Course when she was done she was done.

Hunter was so excited that he wanted to run every where. Getting candy was just a bonus to him. He loved all the spooky music they played and neat characters they had walking around. Hunter didn't stop for any of the activities. He would stop and chat with the people at each building. By his third loop I think every cowtown volunteer knew Hunter by name. I don't think Hunter has met a stranger.

29 October 2010


As much as I love how cute Hunter is in Jammies, Hunter loves them more. He would wear pajamas every where if we let him. I let him wear jammies most of the day if we are staying at home, because he is so cute. When I put a pair of jammies on he runs to his Daddie to show him how "tute" he is. He also pretty much wears his McQueen house shoes everywhere. He has almost outgrown this pair and I am going to have to find him a new pair desperately. He has plenty of Jammies, but his father and I are constantly looking for more. Too bad we all just can't wear jammies everywhere!

Lorelei is three weeks!

As hard as it is to see your children grow so quickly it is amazing watching them develop into there own person. Lorelei is so much more alert now. She is a grunting, cuddling, snuggle bunny. She makes the most stinking cute faces. She loves to grab Hunter's fingers when he is poking at her. She loves to roll of Daddy's chest into the crook of his arm and she wants Mommie to hold her every waking moment.

(The Hat Hunter picked out for her while I was still pregnant. We were not shopping for her, but Hunter found it and was adamant that I buy it for the baby. How could I say no?)

27 October 2010


Hunter has found a new passion among his many passions. Yes my son is very passionate. Painting. He absolutely loves to paint. I let him paint pumpkins this Saturday. Unfortunately my mommie brain got us locked out of the house. My phone was inside and Anton was going to be out of town till ten that evening. Luckily the neighbor had a screwdriver, so I could Macgyver my way back into the house. Phew! The prospect of being locked out of the house on a fall evening with a 2 year old and a 2 week old till ten at night was daunting.

We took the painting inside from that point. I must say as proud as Hunter is of his masterpieces I am more proud. Now Hunter wants to paint every day. I think he is going to need his own paint set if he is going to be a mini Monet.
Oh and Hunter is going to need to learn that Lorelei is not a canvas. She is such a trooper. Hunter is quickly overcoming his jealousies and is infatuated with Lorelei. If we moved Lorelei Hunter gets upset and wants to know where we put her. Hunter brings his stool to the changing table to try to help change her diapers. He begs to hold her and if we get him out of the car before her he sternly reminds us to not forget the baby. He also likes to remind people that she is "his Lorelei".
As much as Hunter is fascinated by Lorelei she is fascinated by Hunter. She truly enjoys him smothering her in kisses and Eskimo nose rubs. If Hunter is speaking near Lorelei she turns to face him. Frequently he can calm her better than others. (Course not better than Mommie and Daddie yet.)

Not a Miss Priss!

I tend to call Lorelei Miss Priss and even though I love to stick her in flowers and bows she is far from being a Miss Priss. She is one tough cookie. Hunter will pull her ears and she just smiles at him. Hunter yanks her legs and she grunts. He pokes her and she makes a face and doesn't cry. She literally oinks/grunts like a piglett when she is hungry. Oh and her farts rival her brother's and father's. She fits in perfectly with our family. We love our tough cookie Lorelei.

26 October 2010

Walter's Pumpkin Patch 2010

Our yearly tradition of going to the Pumpkin patch was not halted by Miss Lorelei's arrival. It was just delayed in the month. We did not realize how much more busy it would be! Hunter did not get to do many of the activities since they were so busy, but he did not seem interested in the activities anyways. He would have walked around the pumpkins for hours he seemed to be so entranced by them.
We enjoyed ourselves even if we couldn't get a decent family picture. It was hilarious trying to get us all to look good in a picture at the same time.
Hunter was also convinced he was going to get to see an elephant at the pumpkin patch. Where he got that idea I have no clue.

Lorelei's Two week pictures cont...

Lorelei's Two week pictures

23 October 2010

Lorelei's Two week Appointment.

Lil miss Lorelei had her two week appointment yesterday and already weighs a whooping 9 pounds and 4 ounces. She is also 21 inches long now that her legs are straightening out. She was reported to be "perfect" Awww! She also further proved my point of her preferring people already. You hand her off to someone she would ball. As soon as they gave her back to me she was perfectly fine. That's my girl.

22 October 2010

Lorelei is Two Weeks

Wow! It is amazing. I can't believe how quickly time is moving for me. I wish I could bend time to make theses moments last longer. Lorelei is much more alert and active. She seems to be much more aware of her surroundings and the people who hold her. You can tell she much more prefers Anton, Hunter, and myself to others. (I thought this age was young for her to prefer people) She is also a cuddle bug like her brother and wants to be held constantly. We love you Lorelei and are blessed to have you!

Lazy day at home

What to do on the day after mommie got in trouble by her doctor for running around to much...?

Hunter thought giving Lorelei endless kisses was a great idea.

I figured I better rescue the little girl, so we made smores on a stick and learned about mixing colors with food dye.

I have a blast doing this stuff with Hunter since he is at the age that he follows directions fairly well. He is so proud of his completed Handy work as well.

Lorelei likes to hang out and watch. I knew that babies normally recognize his/her father's and mother's voice, but it didn't occur to me until now that they would recognize a siblings voice. Most of the time when Lorelei is fussy he can just talk to her and she calms down. I guess she was listening the past nine months while Hunter was kissing and talking to my stomach.

21 October 2010

Lorelei's First Bath

We finally gave Lorelei her first real bath instead of just sponge baths. She was a little shocked at first when we put her in the water, but she quickly took to it like a fish. Hunter decided he needed to be in on the action, so he climbed in to show miss Lorelei what taking a bath is all about. She tolerated her brother's splashing very well. I am amazed how Hunter's pestering of her rarely irritates her.

Course when I got my two beautiful babies clean they both promptly threw up every where requiring another bathing.

20 October 2010

First Trip to the Farm

I still did not want to take Lorelei to church yet since she was only a week and I wanted to avoid the awkward question of people wanting to hold her. I am still a little over protective about people holding her while she is so young. I am nervous about her getting a cold at such a young age. Going to the Farm was the perfect diversion. I really hope Lorelei enjoys going out there as much as the rest of us do.
She seemed to love watching her brother bury her japan baby toy in the dirt over and over again. Hunter has a blast anytime he is outside. If it has dirt and fresh air he is in little boy heaven. I love watching my children (and husband) have a blast getting dirty. I must say I think someone needs to remind me that I just had a child. Since I feel so much better than I did with Hunter I try to over do it and regret it for the rest of the day.

Special Gift

Lorelei's Aunt Whit took pieces of fabric from Lorelei's shower and had all the Guests fill out a square. Then she made this beautiful keepsake for my lovely daughter. What an excellent treasure. Even Hunter made little miss Lorelei a square.

Puzzle Whiz

My son has a puzzle addiction which began from the first moment he laid eyes on one. He currently has 35 puzzles and he still gets excited each time he gets a new puzzle. I am amazed at how quickly he can put them together. This 24 piece puzzle takes him less than 5 min. Bigger puzzles take him a little bit longer, but not much more of a struggle. Anton thinks we should get him a 1500 piece puzzle, but I think he is way ahead of himself. It is just so much fun watching Hunter purse his little mouth while he is putting together his puzzle. I don't think my son could survive a day with out doing a puzzle. Ooh I love to brag about my children.

19 October 2010

Our Family

I had a member from church ask me for a family picture of all of us and it made me realize we didn't have a single one. We broke out the self timer and here is what we got! I am going to try to be more conscious about getting family pictures. My new goal is to take one as a whole family at least once a month. Hopefully I stick with it!

15 October 2010

So Proud!

It is official! Hunter can turn his tongue upside down. He makes his momma so proud!

Lorelei is one week!

I can hardly believe it has been a week already since Lorelei entered the world! Just a week ago we were weighing her for the first time and now she is already such an intrinsic part of our family!

14 October 2010

Brother and Sister

It hasn't even been a week yet and our lives have changed, so much. It has been some adjusting to remodel our family structure. Hunter is very excited about being a big brother.... most of the time. He absolutely adores her, loves giving her kisses, and loves touching her tiny nose. He still is struggling understanding why sometimes we can not just drop what we are doing with her to meet his every request. Luckily, every day it seems like it is getting easier for him. Just as learning how to care for two children is getting easier for me. I still have a steep learning curve, bit I know I will get there.
I hope and pray Hunter and Lorelei grow into great friends. I used to think it was a given that siblings will always have a good relationship and be friends; however, as I look around me I have come to learn that it is a lot less common that I realized. I wish I knew the magic touch to ensure that they have an impenetrable relationship. I love them both so deeply I just know they are going to enjoy each other. The two are sure cute together!

Welcome Lorelei

We welcomed Lorelei Jean Hayes into the world October 8th at 0214. She weighed 8 lbs 14 oz and was 20 inches long.
She was such an easy delivery. We had just gotten the changing table, opened it, and were laying the parts all across the bed when I told Anton that he better call his father to get Hunter. My water had broke and the contractions were coming on strong. Poor lil Hunter did not know what was wrong with mommie, but he was sure excited to see his Papa.
When we arrived at the hospital they confirmed that my water broke and said I was at 3 cm. They figured since I was only at 3 cm that I had a long road ahead of me. When I started getting nauseous I told the nurse to check me and I was already at a ten. Woohoo! Time to push. Pushing was fairly simple with Lorelei. (Don't get me wrong it still was painful just a lot less painful than my delivery experience with Hunter) In fact Anton and the on call Doctor hit it off so well they were talking like a couple of buddies at break and the nurse kept having to remind them that I needed to push. The doctor did ask me if the baby felt larger than my first and I said definitely. He said I figured cause she looks like she is going to be a big one. Popped lil miss Lorelei out and boy were we right. She was quite a bit bigger than her brother was. The nurse plopped her on my chest after Anton cut the cord and she started nursing right away with out any help. For the little girl being a much more difficult pregnancy, she was a way easier delivery. We are all so excited to have her as a part of our family!