28 August 2010


Our church does a VBS events every Wednesday night instead of a week long VBS during the summer. Normally I have been unable to take Hunter since I get off work too late in the evening, but I left one work early one Wednesday since it was a super special event. They had local Heroes come for everyone to give them thanks and to show everyone their neat stuff. Even the bomb squad and swat team were there. Hunter was in lil boy heaven getting to crawl around a military Humm-V and a Firetruck.

10 August 2010


I love hearing Hunter progressing in his speech, but I have to admit when he doesn't get words quite right it is adorable.


Mink.....Translation: a drink of milk
Joose....Translation: his stuffed moose
Stunk....Translation: a skunk
Cewall....Translation: Cereal
back....Translation: come here
aw gone...Translation: All gone

I am sure I will keep adding to the list when I remember them.

09 August 2010


I took a couple of vacation days so Hunter and I could hang out with our cousins from Texas. Money(aka Bennie) and Hunter are both avid train lovers. Hunter idols Money and follows him around everywhere. If he looses sight of Bennie Hunter will repeat over and over "Where Money?.. Where did Money go?".
Riley is getting to be such a young woman. I can hardly believe how fast she is growing. Too bad they all have to live so far away.