27 July 2010

Day at Granny and Grampa Turner's

Hunter got to go over to his great's today since I had the day off for a doctor's appointment.
It is so neat seeing him play with all the stuff I did as a child.
The piano is a magnet for him as soon as he walks through the door.
He is getting good to... : )

Also, the beloved play room has become one of Hunter's favorites as well. I spent much of my time in this room playing with the exact same toys growing up. It was like going back in time. I thoroughly enjoyed myself! Hunter acted like I detached one of his limbs when I told him we had to leave to go to my appointment.

I told my Grandma when I became a Grandmother I was going to have a play room just like her. She told me I would probably have the same toys in the room.
Now wouldn't that be neat!

25 July 2010

A chef in the making!

Saturday Hunter, Anton, and I went to Granny Tiger's to learn how to make Sand Plum Jelly. The little dude kept trying to help. I felt bad for the poor guy that this was a little dangerous task to start learning on, so he had to be our taste tester instead.

He still had a grand ole time keeping Pappy and Granny Tiger on their toes. It was wonderful getting to spend the day with them.

The next day he got to get his hands more dirty by helping to make homemade ice cream and applesauce. Course he also designated himself as a taste tester as well. I hope he learns his Daddie's cooking skills. I am a much better baker than cook! Course Granny Tiger is a good teacher. I think I am starting to get this canning thing down.

Hunter's First Haircut

Yes Hunter made it to two and a half with out a single haircut. The long curls used to be adorable on him, but the past several months his hair has become an animal of its own. We would comb it to an adorable doo and within five minutes Hunter would have changed it back to his Einstein look.

Today Tony and I finally decided it was time to take the plunge and cut it.
Three suckers later and switching from the chair, to Daddie's lap, to my lap Hunter is sporting a new doo.
I think he likes it as well!! : )

18 July 2010

Hunter's Rocket Ark

We spent most of Saturday morning in Outer space. Hunter want to make sure to include all of his stuffed animals at his Papa's house and then what animals he didn't have with him he drew. He got really excited about including the snakes ugh. : ) We did roll the rocket a couple of times, but no stuffed animals were hurt during the process.
Cardboard boxes rock!

We are getting our Bows!!!!

When I first named this blog I wanted to make sure if we ever had a girl I wouldn't have to rename it. I used bows cause most people would think the archery kind until further notice. So we are getting our Bows!!!! She is due October 11th. I am sorry to all those who heard through the grape vine. We didn't really start telling people until we were six months along with the exception parents and siblings. Course now I don't have to tell people since I am sporting a huge beach ball. : )
Hunter is so excited about the baby. I know he doesn't understand that it is permanent addition to our family, but I am confident he will be a great big brother. Now that Tony is working he is bumbling with excitement.
I am overwhelmed with joy and anticipation to meet our bows!!!

06 July 2010

Summer Day

I took a spontaneous day off from work to just enjoy the day with Hunter. We packed the day with the Library, a picnic, the playground, the lake at the park, Thomas Dominoes, a nap, then 2.5 hours at the water park. Oh I love spending time with my little man. He makes my life brighter every moment I do!

Happy Fourth!

The rain stopped just long enough to enjoy the blowing up part of our Holiday!
Hope you all had a great Fourth like we did!

03 July 2010


Last night we took Hunter shopping for fireworks. It was a blast seeing him so excited about the exploding firetrucks and rockets. I think Hunter picked one of every rocket available. I guess due to the economy fire works were cheaper this year, so the dude was under his budget.

What did we do with the rest of his budget? We went to Tanganyika Wildlife and Park. I expected it to be more like a regular zoo and at first was a little disappointed. Then when I realized it was basically a huge petting zoo I got excited.

It was so neat getting to interact with the animals instead of just looking at them behind glass. The lemurs hands were super soft and gentle.

I was shocked when I found that the Kangaroos were softer than the rabbits.

Hunter had a blast and wanted to take all the animals home. Lucky for us he only made it home with one stuffed zebra.