06 December 2010

Uncle Jack

Wow! Where did the last month go? I literally just downloaded a month worth of pictures. I filled an 8GB card. Can we say picture happy? I have been so busy enjoying Lorelei, Hunter and all the family that came to visit I am going to have to catch up!

Uncle Jack took a long road trip from Florida to Kansas with his girlfriend and her dog just to see me. Okay so Lorelei and Hunter probably had more to do with it, but I will take all the credit.

We sat around and talked most of the time. We did decide to go to the zoo on Winter Wednesday. The name was very fitting. It started snowing after the freezing rain while we were there and we had 30 mph winds, which is pretty typical for Kansas it just makes the cold colder. Hunter was an ice cube by the time we were all done. Course my brother and I being the geniuses we are both were wearing flip flops. (I hate to admit I am still wearing flip flops around. lol)

Hunter absolutely adores his Uncle Jack. He followed him around like a lost puppy saying Uncle Jack over and over again.

When Uncle Jack had to leave to go home the poor kid through himself on the floor crying.

Thanks for coming Uncle Jack. Hope to see you soon even if you got us all sick : ) !

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