09 December 2010

Lorelei is Two Months!

I know the post is a day late, but I did take the actual pictures yesterday. The past two months have flown by while spending them with my beautiful children.

Lorelei is working on her beautiful coos. She loves story time before bed and naps. If I move the book she moves her head so she can see it better and if the pages are real colorful and vibrant see gets excited, coos, and kicks her feet. She is also starting to figure out when the last book is done and prayers are said it is time to sleep. (Starting being the key word)

She loves to be held and must be facing where she can see everything that is going on around her. Hunter is infatuated with her. He loves to make sure that she wakes up when he does. He gets right in her face and yells "wake up baby!" then he asks to hold "it" as he says. Pronouns are still something we are working on learning.

I love how cuddly she is and when you pick her up she grabs a hold of you tightly with her tiny hands.

I can hardly believe my precious Lorelei is two months!

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