22 October 2010

Lazy day at home

What to do on the day after mommie got in trouble by her doctor for running around to much...?

Hunter thought giving Lorelei endless kisses was a great idea.

I figured I better rescue the little girl, so we made smores on a stick and learned about mixing colors with food dye.

I have a blast doing this stuff with Hunter since he is at the age that he follows directions fairly well. He is so proud of his completed Handy work as well.

Lorelei likes to hang out and watch. I knew that babies normally recognize his/her father's and mother's voice, but it didn't occur to me until now that they would recognize a siblings voice. Most of the time when Lorelei is fussy he can just talk to her and she calms down. I guess she was listening the past nine months while Hunter was kissing and talking to my stomach.

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