30 October 2010

Halloween Fun!

I absolutely love Holidays! I love watching my children enjoy them as well. Especially since I have the most adorable children! Yesterday we took the kiddos around the businesses in our town. Hunter made out like a bandit with Candy.

Course Hunter's favorite thing was the fire fox which we had to visit twice. When we would walk away from the fox he would walk backwards waving to the fox while repeating"bye fox!" over and over. The fire department thought it was adorable, so they came up and asked us if we could get a picture of Hunter with the fox. We tried for five minutes, but Hunter was too busy talking to the fox and hugging the fox to bother to turn towards the camera.

Hunter begged to be a puppy this year, so his Aunt Terra bought him a puppy costume. When the costume first arrived he refused to wear it. Finally we bribed Hunter with a sucker to try on the costume. He hated it at first, so we took him to the mirror. That didn't convince him, so we took a picture of Hunter in the costume and showed it to him. Hunter loved the costume after that and we couldn't peel the thing off of him later that night.

Little miss Lorelei is a sweet lady bug this year. She is so adorable as a lady bug it just makes me want to squeeze her. Hunter thinks she is so "tute" as a lady bug/ cat. He is convinced that she is both cause her lady bug antennae look way too much like cat ears to Hunter. Lorelei doesn't care what Hunter thinks she is. She just loves the attention.

Today I took the kiddos to Old Cowtown Museum for their Hooves, Hay, and Halloween day.

Both of my children thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Lorelei loved riding in the stroller and gawking at all the kiddos. She was a content child for two and a half hours which is amazing for only being three weeks. Course when she was done she was done.

Hunter was so excited that he wanted to run every where. Getting candy was just a bonus to him. He loved all the spooky music they played and neat characters they had walking around. Hunter didn't stop for any of the activities. He would stop and chat with the people at each building. By his third loop I think every cowtown volunteer knew Hunter by name. I don't think Hunter has met a stranger.

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