05 October 2010

39 weeks

I went to my 39 week appointment today. I can't believe how fast time has flown with this pregnancy. Despite all the swelling and morning sickness there are some pretty great parts to being pregnant. I love feeling the baby moving all the time. Even if it is three am. I love watching my husband getting excited when laying his head on my stomach to hear the heartbeat. I also love watching Hunter be so excited and wrap his head around all of this.

Hunter has gone to all my appointments with me since I do not have anyone to watch him the day I go to the appointment. The second appointment the doctor offered to put the monitor on Hunter's chest so he could hear his own heartbeat. Now as soon as the doctor walks in the room Hunter has his shirt pulled up waiting for his heart to be checked. Today the doctor almost forgot to check Hunters heart after checking the baby's, so Hunter with his shirt raised followed my doctor across the room and tugged on his pants to remind him. It was adorable. I was almost sad that this will probably be the last time Hunter will have his monitor to his chest. If we have another he will probably be to old to get excited about something so small.

I was surprised today that as much as I want to have Lorelei, meet her, and get rid of the discomfort I am going to miss being pregnant. Being pregnant with Hunter and being pregnant with Lorelei were completely different experiences.
With Hunter I had the nerves of a first time parent and was so excited about each little change of the pregnancy. With Lorelei I was relaxed with all the changes and was excited about the developments as a family as a whole. I understand now that we are not just gaining a new person to our lives, but basically a whole new family model. It was so amazing watching how much Anton and I changed and grew as people when Hunter arrived. I am excited to see how Anton, Hunter, and I will all change and grow with Lorelei's arrival.
I am getting mushy so I should probably stop before I cry. : )Hormones!

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