03 July 2010


Last night we took Hunter shopping for fireworks. It was a blast seeing him so excited about the exploding firetrucks and rockets. I think Hunter picked one of every rocket available. I guess due to the economy fire works were cheaper this year, so the dude was under his budget.

What did we do with the rest of his budget? We went to Tanganyika Wildlife and Park. I expected it to be more like a regular zoo and at first was a little disappointed. Then when I realized it was basically a huge petting zoo I got excited.

It was so neat getting to interact with the animals instead of just looking at them behind glass. The lemurs hands were super soft and gentle.

I was shocked when I found that the Kangaroos were softer than the rabbits.

Hunter had a blast and wanted to take all the animals home. Lucky for us he only made it home with one stuffed zebra.

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