18 April 2010

Play Day

For some reason this Saturday I had an impulsive itch to take Hunter to Chuck E Cheese. It was awesome to see Hunter have a blast.

Had to have a horse race.
We played air hockey which Hunter was just blown away by the floating puck. Hunter loved whacking moles even if he would get himself all tangled up. ten bucks worth of coins lasted us over two hours. I will have to keep this in mind next time we have a rainy Saturday.

After Chuck E Cheese and a lil "ow" chasing we took Hunter to his first movie How to Train a Dragon. Watching Hunter was a blast. Everything was a wow! or a look mommie look daddie. I wish I could have videoed him. When the movie was done Hunter was mesmerized he wanted to stay and watch all of the credits. We are definitely buying that movie on DVD when it comes out.

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