05 April 2010

Friends University Easter Bash

Our yearly tradition is to go to the Friends University (my Alma Mater) Easter Egg Hunt and Carnival the Saturday before Easter. They do a great Job putting together a Fun and memorable event.
I also love the bunny ears the give the kids every year. Hunter loved the ears so much when we were at target later that day and they blew away I had to chase them with Hunter on my hip screaming like he broke his arm all the way to World Market. Yes I am an indulgent mother. : )

This year Wade and Whitney West came with us. Hunter can't get enough of them he loves them so much. Forgetful me didn't get a single pix with them. I was too focused on the cute bunny Ears. Hunter also loves the Friend's Mascot Freddy. I think he would have followed Freddy around all day if I would have let him.

Hunter definitely got the Easter concept down this year. It made it so much fun. As soon as they said go he started running around like a maniac and then he realized oh am missing all the candy. He dumped his Easter basket twice just cause he was so excited.

Across the way Hunter noticed a kid with a Thomas Easter basket, so Hunter ran over there and put several pieces of candy in his basket.

Afterwards we headed over to the Easter Carnival which had several blow up toys and carnival games. Hunter played in the bouncer for a good while and then tried to camp out at the duck station. The boy is a water magnet I tell you!

Then we took an hour break at the drink station. Okay so I am exaggerating a bit it was only 15 minutes, but seriously I have never seen a kid be so into beverages that he forgoes all other activities.

My one requirement for the Carnival is that Hunter gets his picture taken with the Easter Bunny. He was not a big fan this year. My mistake I sat him on the bunny's lap then turned away to set down my purse and grab my camera. The poor kid thought I was deserting him. This is the pre-cry picture. After that all huge tears. Took him off the Bunny's lap and he was ready to go. lol

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