12 March 2010

What we have been doing....

I know I have been out of the blog world for a while. Lack of motivation is my only excuse. I could try to come up with more, but really that is the main reason.
So what have we been up to?

Well Hunter had his second birthday! I can't believe the lil bugger is 2 already. We had a monkey/Lightening McQueen Party Hunter's two favorite things rolled into one. : )

We had planned on taking Hunter to Great Wolf Lodge for his birthday, but with Tony getting laid off we through a make shift party in our Church's party room. Turned out great. Hunter sure had a blast!

We also have had lots of opportunities to get out and play in the snow and work on perfecting Hunter's snow ball. We created a monster!

Hunter is now officially addicted to getting rides! Don't worry he doesn't drive himself and we make him wear a helmet even if we are only going 2 miles an hour.

Course the tractor is his true passion.

Last but not least we have made several trips to the zoo. Yes even when it was snowing and below freezing. Hunter loves his Animals!

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Brad said...

He is growing so fast. I am glad you got back to blogging again. I keep checking to see if there is anything new. It makes me very happy when there is.

Love Dad