31 December 2009


I got a sweet new bow for Christmas and Rob, Hunter, and I went up to Cabella's to get stuff for it. Guess where Hunter and I spent almost an hour and a half. Yep the Fish!
Fish are another one of Hunter's addiction's. So far we have trains, books, puzzles, riding, monkeys and fish. I must be leaving something out... I am sure that it will come to me when Hunter is repeating it over and over and over.

29 December 2009

Go Scooter!

Hunter is sure getting the knack of the Scooter! Isn't he so cute!

Let's Go

Hunter told his first story this morning. I took him out of the bath and he said "ride... sled... lets go... cold... go.. sled" I think he was telling me about the sled ride yesterday. He sure had a lot of fun. Even if his overprotective mamma made him wear a helmet.

27 December 2009

Merry Christmas!

We had so much going on this Christmas week that there is no way to blog about it all. Tony and I had a wonderful Christmas this year with Hunter. It sure was a blessing to have him. Hunter must have bribed Santa some how because he sure got an exorbitant amount of presents.
On top of that Hunter had a blast spending time with his family!
Christmas day Santa brought Hunter a train table set. (Mommie and Daddie stayed up till one Helping Santa put it together.)
Santa was right on with that one. Hunter loved the train set so much he wouldn't open the rest of his gifts, so we had to bring them over to Papa's for him to open the rest.
His Aunt Terra and Uncle Mike gave him a helmet to go with his new scooter. We couldn't pry off the helmet Hunter thought it was so cool. Then he got a John Deer tractor from Papa and I think ran into every wall with it. Good thing he had a helmet. Then he spent the rest of his afternoon in the ball pit Santa brought him.
The following day Hunter got to go to the Casebolt Christmas. He has several little cousins right around his age. Boy did they have a blast running around, jumping on people, playing Uno moo, and fighting over trains and cars. Hunter even got 17 dollars out of the money bag. I think he has Tony's knack for it.
Hope you all had a Merry Christmas. We sure did!

14 December 2009


My son used to love going everywhere with his feet bare. I couldn't even keep socks on the dude. Then this summer at the lake I told Hunter he couldn't play outside with out shoes in case there was glass. Little did I know that moment would make a radical change in Hunter's life. Since that day he begs to put on shoes. I believe he associates it with being able to go out and play. First thing in the morning after getting a drink he goes to his shoe drawer and grabs a pair of shoes for me to put on his feet. I guess it means that he is ready to play.
He just got some new shoes that need to be tied and I told Hunter he can't go anywhere unless his shoes are tied.
I guess the dude took it to heart. If his shoe comes untied regardless of what he is doing or where he is he just sits down and waits for someone to come tie his shoe. He gets fussy if it takes a while for someone to tie his shoe.
At least I have learned he sure takes what I say to heart, so I better be careful with what I say. : )

04 December 2009

The cutest Tigger in the world!

I know it is past Thanksgiving and I am just blogging about Halloween. I have been so sick that I have put blogging way on the back burner.

Hunter was such a cutie patootie. Poor baby was sick the night before and the morning of Halloween that I canceled the party I had planned for twelve kiddos. By the afternoon he was perfectly fine, so the neighbor girls came over, miss ducky from daycare and cute lil Carter Dale and Olivia that I never got a hold of.

It may not have been the big bash that I planned on, but Hunter had a ball! We bobbed for plastic apples filled with toys, jumped around, beat the goodies out of lighting McQueen, and made a good ole' mess with crafts.
For not going as plan it was a great day! We even trick or treated around our cul de sac. Miss Abby played with Hunter while Megan and Danielle went trick or treating.
This was the last night before the neighbors moved so it was good to have the last night be so much fun.
Hunter still asks about them every day.

To this day he still wears his tigger costume on a regular basis. He even picked out his a Tigger christmas ornament from Hallmark.

My Hunter is growing up so fast I don't want to go back to work tonight. : (