19 November 2009

Jail Break!(Warning I am whining a bit)

If you are finding out about this for the first time I am sorry. I didn't really tell anyone until now not even family. I was just too freaked about the first surgery at the time to talk about it because I want many more babies.

I am out of the hospital finally from my surgery yesterday! I finally got my gallbladder taken out. It had been giving me a horrible time since I had surgery in September. (Hince why I lost ten pounds in a week)
I had laparoscopy in September since my Mirena (an awful thing I wish I would never have gotten that stupid iud) punctured my uterus and was roaming around in my abdomen. They removed that and then burnt off my endometriosis and ovarian cysts. I went home no problem just an hour after the surgery.
As long as Hunter or the dog didn't jump on me i was fine.
So I figured since I was getting my gallbladder out with laparoscopy as well it would be the same.
Now everyone that has had their gallbladder recently said ehh it is a cinch you will be home in a couple hours.
So not right for me. Ugh. The surgeon told my family that my I had a bile duct attack during surgery. Having an attack while being sore from surgery... let's just say ouch.
Also,I think I might have been reacting from the anesthesia cause I kept dry heaving and throwing up... ouch on stomach incisions.
They kept giving me dilaudid (that I tested in my lab... small world!) Then my heart rate kept dropping in the recovery room.
and it didn't even change the pain and the nausea medicine would seem to work only about 30 min.
I am so glad that I have a loving family that stuck with me all day yesterday and didn't complain once about me whining.
But now I am home. I haven't thrown up since 2 am in the hospital trash can and I can even right this even though the screen keeps moving on me.
Bright side the doctor won't release me till after Thanksgiving so I have it off now. I was really not looking
forward to working on Thanksgiving.
Thanks for the whine and Happy Holidays!

09 November 2009

Socialized HealthCare

I know this is a touchy subject for many and I don't mean to offend anyone.
I work at Pharmaceutical company as a Chemist....
Free isn't always better!!!! and the changes that are being made before it is in effect are no where near to the changes that happen if it becomes in effect.
Basically... If you want quality it has to be paid for. I don't think people have any concept how much work and expense goes into making one vial of medicine and what the consequences are to socialize the healthcare system.
Course what do I know... I don't carry around a crystal ball... I just see what is going on behind the curtain.

03 November 2009


I just lost ten pounds in a week and 18 pounds in three weeks and I am not even doing anything. I wonder if I broke my scale at home or if it is for real. My butt sure doesn't feel any smaller! If it is for real how cool is that!

02 November 2009

Is that Daddy?

Currently Hunter's new obsession, besides wearing his Tigger costume, is finding all the pictures of Anton in the house. Then he brings it to me and asks clear as day "Is that Daddy?". I tell him yes and he gets so excited. He doesn't ask about me, but he will look at pictures of himself and say "what is that?". I tell Hunter that it is him and he just gives me a look like I must be crazy.