12 September 2009


When Hunter woke up from his nap yesterday on a Whim I decided to take him down to the neighborhood pond with some smooshed hamburger buns. (Yes I took him right in his pjs and unkempt hair... but aren't little boys pj's cute! I love lil boy pj's!)

I have fed ducks several times growing up. I never had so much fun feeding ducks until today.

His pure elation with something so simple was awesome!

He could hardly sit still while I would tear him off an additional piece. Hunter also got brave enough to let one of the ducks eat right out of his hand.

If I would have let him we would have probably spent hours there until the ducks were rolling around full from so much bread.

Oh I am also excited about the Holidays. When you give Hunter something now he is overcome with excitement. I really need to video it sometime!

11 September 2009

Hunter's Four letter word.

Here are a few pictures of us indulging in our pyromania. Don't worry everything was legal and done in a safe manner. Pretty cool looking though huh. Talk about a camp fire!

Sure made me want some smores!

Hunter has been doing great. Of course growing like a weed and ridding almost all of his baby habits an trying so hard to be a little man.

He reads people's moods so well that it scares me at times and he has me wrapped around his little finger.

Hunter has even developed a keen sense of ownership. Hence is four letter word... Mine! Agh, I thought I had more time before this! Luckily so far he just does it to his father and me. He still is sharing pretty well with the kids in story time for now. Fingers crossed that doesn't become a major issue.