27 August 2009

Were did August go?!

This summer has gone by too fast and Hunter has grown, so much! Why do minutes at my work drag and days with my family fly?

20 August 2009

Hunter got to spend good quality time with his cousins from Texas. Miss Riley was such a good lil momma to him. Hunter absolutely adored her. Then Hunter would follow Bennie around like a lil puppy dog. I so wish I would have gotten a picture of them two if not video. It was such a delight watching them play!
Fishing is Hunter's new found love. He has already worn out his first fishing pole. He has got the reeling in mostly figured out. The casting.... well that explains why he already wore out his first fishing pole.

15 August 2009

The best days of my life.

I used to say the day I was married was the best day of my life, then I included the day my son was born. Now I realize those days are not the best days of my life they were just days that enabled me to have the most fantastic days of my life. Days like walking around Branson 8 months pregnant chatting with my wonderful Husband about everything to staying at home with Hunter reading the same book for the millionth time and getting a kiss after the turn of the page. Those are just some of the best days of my life.

05 August 2009

Time out!

In case you all are curious about what Hunter has named his kitty, the name is ...... OW. Yes ow, short for meow. Yes he uses it directly as a name. I think it is perfect since Hunter drags the thing around like a rag doll. Silly thing is the cat loves Hunter even after he was just dragged around by his tail, thrown down the slide, or thrown into the pond.
So Hunter's two buddies are his kitty OW and his puppy Leo. (They are really my father-in-laws but you can not tell Hunter different.) Hunter thinks they are omnipresent. We could be out in the middle of the lake and Hunter will start smacking his leg while yelling Leo... Leo. He gets louder thinking they don't come cause they just can't hear him.

Today I guess he thought that they were not behaving properly. He would keep telling them no while shaking his finger at them, he would furrow his brow, and then pick them up and put them in his time out chair. I thought it was hilarious until I realized he was totally mirroring me. Do I really furrow my brow like that while I am getting on to Hunter? Tony was more than happy to inform me that yes I do.
At least when Hunter does it is perfectly cute.

01 August 2009

Hayes Hollywood True Story!

Today I was at my father-in-laws with Tony and Hunter. Tony went outside and I started picking up some stuff. I heard a door shut so I thought Tony had come back inside. Then I heard a knocking.... then "Mommie... Mommie MOMMIE MOMMIE!" Hunter was just next to me where in the world did he go that fast? Ahh the bathroom. I tried to open the door... The door was locked! It has a twist lock too not one of those easy push ones! I had to yell for Tony to find the key while I sat by the door. For some reason Hunter knew if I stepped away from the door and he would freak out. So we sat on each side of the door talking to each other until Rob brought the key.
It was like a Hollywood reunion! So sweet!
Course now we know where the key is located in case Hunter attempts a rerun.