21 July 2009

Been a while

I know it has been a while I apologize. Not only to you, but myself. It is a commitment of mine to try to keep my blog updated cause I don't really journal other than this or scrapbook. I have the desire to scrap book, but not the space.
Anyways the topic on my mind is competitive mommy hood. I take Hunter every week to library group. He absolutely loves it and claps when we pull into the parking lot. They say rhymes, sing and dance, read a story, and then run around and play with each other. What's not to love?!
The mom's that show me up! Yes I am a little competitive so I am probably a little extra sensitive(yes I know it is all silly and doesn't matter in the long run. Oh I am embarrassed even talking about it.)Anyways, these mother's have a preschool curriculum going on for their children my goodness. Most aren't even a year and half and already know their whole alphabet.

Hunter grasps things so readily, but the alphabet never occurred to me. While they have their whole day planned out I just know that we both need a nap cause I am running on no sleep due to working at night.

I felt so guilty when I realized all the stuff I had not been teaching Hunter. I want to be the best mother as possible and not feel like he was raised by other people.
Then I look back at some of our pictures and remind myself that Hunter knows he is loved and sure is enjoying life.

I guess the alphabet and counting will come in its own time with a little help. I just need to breathe.... Phew! I feel better till next week. lol.

07 July 2009

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July to All! Hunter had a great weekend. He loved his watermelon. As I sure you can tell. He had about three pieces right in a row.

I had to post a pix of Hunter and me since I so rarely get them. Aren't we cute. We sure had a blast.
Hunter and the neighbor girls had a blast all day. They could have fun any where together.
The next day we went to the Augusta park. As you probably guessed Hunter was glued to the slides. His "wee" when he goes down the slide gives me such complete joy.
Then later that day the neighbor girls put up there bouncer. Hunter was in paradise. Especially since they had a Popsicle break. I love summer!