11 May 2009

Heaven's Gates

Hunter's Granny Di and our mother has fought a difficult fight against Leukemia; however, things are coming to an end.
It was her expressed wish that she not be kept alive by artificial means and we are honoring her wishes today. Please pray for her comfort as she begins her journey to heaven and comfort for our family.

02 May 2009

Pump it UP!

I will Pump you up! Last night we ate over at some Friend's from Church house and then we went to a church function at a place called pump it up. Basically it is an indoor area that has tons of big inflatable jumpers, slides, and obstacle courses. Hunter loved it. He kept wanting to go down the approximately 15 tall slide. After the first time I kept letting him go on his own. He would giggle the whole way down it was soo funny. Sometimes I would aim him poorly and he would roll down and he just loved that. My son the risk taker. I so wish more than one picture would have come out.