29 April 2009

Redneck Woman

Okay this morning my Redneck came shining through. As I was driving my hour drive to work going....okay the speed limit was 70 mph... this deer decided it was a great time to get to the other side of the road. She almost did until I smacked her with my pretty Saturn Vue and killed her. Don't worry I am okay.. mad, but okay. The deer well lets just say she died quickly. So I sat in the rain on the side of the road to gather my thoughts and my doors didn't open well. Who did I call? Tony about 50 times to no avail so then I called the police. About 20 min later the state trooper found me. Luckily he pulled my door open for me so I could get out. Then I saw my pretty vue. It was horrible my head light was hanging, my front end totally crunched in, and covered with deer hair and blood. I said that is it I am throwing the deer in the back of my car. The state trooper started laughing. I informed him that I was completely serious and started dragging it to my car. If it did that much damage to my pretty car that I was getting something out of it. I made him help throw it in the back of my car and then followed him to get the salvage tag. All the while he was laughing.
As I met him at the station he is just cracking up and has a group of guys that one by one came and looked in my trunk and started laughing. The game warden gave me plastic to put around the deer while laughing. The state trooper said he had seen men keep deer before, but never someone like me who was dressed for work. I told him it was the most expensive deer I killed (500 dollar insurance deductible) and I wasn't going to leave it. He just laughed again.
Turns out it was going to be a momma deer and had two babies in her stomach. They were cute. Made me feel a little bad, but hey she is the one that ran out in front of my pretty Saturn Vue. What could I do? Might as well put her to good use.

28 April 2009

New Job

I forgot to tell you all that I started my new job(same pharmaceutical company). I was an investigational Microbiologist and the majority of my time I wore the above outfit. Let me tell you if you easily get claustrophobic it is not the job for you. If you like rolling out of bed in your PJ's and going straight to work it is. As an investigational Microbiologist that enters aseptic areas you can not wear jewelry, make up, scented deodorant, lotion, and scented shampoo or conditioner. You immediately change when you go to work into scrubs and plant shoes and put on a hair net. I looked like a lunch lady when I wasn't in full aseptic gear. Now if you were in aseptic gear you could not touch people,touch the walls, pick anything up that you dropped, walk faster than a crawl, use your arms to communicate, speak loud(which it is so loud in the aseptic area no one can hear you.), sneeze, cough, or fart. If you did any of these you would have to immediately exit and regown. (Trust me if you farted you wanted to regown. In the suit there is no where for the smell to go except up to your nose and around your eyes. I about made myself pass out one day when I had four boiled eggs for breakfast. Ugh!)
My biggest thing was getting dehydrated.
Now that is all behind me!!! I have moved to chemistry and I am officially a Chemist. (Yes I enjoyed college and was a bit of a nerd and took tons of classes)
I get to wear real clothes now, wear jewelery, I am still getting used to wearing make up again, and wear my nice smelling deodorant. I still don't have free access to water, but I can walk out to the water fountain anytime I want now.. oh and go to the restroom any time I want! Oh and I get lunch breaks and I do not have to work tons of overtime!! Good Stuff!

26 April 2009

Green Muddy Thumbs

This weekend the three of us spent quite sometime with dirt under our nails. Hunter and Tony are already great buddies and seem to have a lot of similar interests. Its fun to watch them mess around together. Besides mowing and other typical chores our big project was the garden.
  • We planted
  • 17 tomato plants
  • 2 or 4 yellow peppers
  • 2 or 4 green peppers
  • 2 or 4 red peppers
  • 1 super long cayenne
  • 2 habenero
  • 2 jalapeno
  • 2 Ancho peppers
  • 2 pablano pepper plants
  • 4 black diamond watermelon
  • 4 sweet stripe watermelon,
  • I can't remember how many squash
  • two zucchini
  • 2 sweet slice cucumbers
  • 2 pickling cucumbers
  • and 2 something cucumbers (like my specificity?)

We also planted two rows of okra and 14 rows of peaches and cream corn. We still have to plant the radishes, the rest of the corn, marigolds for pest control, and butternut squash and yellow squash seeds. After father's Day we will plant the pumpkins.

While Tony and I were busy messing with the garden or other Chores Hunter had "free" reign of his grandparents land. This three little amigo pack of Hunter, Mac ( the cat) and Leo (the dog)explored everywhere together. Frequently they would act like they didn't notice each other, but if one would wander more than 5 feet away the other two would come running regardless of which one wandered. Sometimes it would get them in trouble cause they would try to wander places they shouldn't. : )

Here is a picture of a section of our four days of hard work/play. I know it doesn't look like much now. Hopefully it will be successful this year. It is so rewarding to eat the fruit of your labor and comforting to know exactly how they were taken care of and where they came from.

Plus it is just plain fun to play in the mud. : )

22 April 2009


My Hunter is a stubborn one. I started weening after he turned one. I did the gradual way like the Doctor suggested by just reducing a session at a time and delaying the others. Now that my goal is to be done by the end of the week Hunter and I are a mess. He can't be inside the house with me with out crying with the cutest eyes in desperation with a look that says "don't you love me any more mommie?!". Luckily once we go outside he totally forgets and becomes infatuated with the outdoors. If only we could camp outside and we would be golden. Once we step foot back inside I have to hide out in the bedroom while Anton rocks him to sleep. I am so glad that I have a partner to help me. Otherwise I don't think we could ever get through this. Ugh. Hopefully in a week Hunter will still know I love him.

18 April 2009

Packing it In!

Oh no... I have too much to blog about. Where to begin. I have been so bad lately. I feel like I can't blog with out pictures and lately I have been procrastinating on uploading my pix of my camera. Shame shame shame. Anyways back to bragging about my baby.. excuse me toddler. My baby is growing up..*tear* I just threw this picture in cause I thought he was cute in my brother's old hat he wore as a kid. Awww. Moving on now. : )
What is it about children and trying to figure out where they can fit! Almost anywhere we go Hunter investigates to find new places to stick himself. Hunter Honey I don't think people want to check you out so the library shelf isn't really a place for you.

Happy Bday Grampa Brown. Today was Grampa Brown's 50th Birthday! He came to visit his little Hunter. They sure had fun. Of course they took a trip to the zoo. This was the first time Hunter walked the majority of the time instead of being held or pushed. It made the trip a lot more entertaining. It was like following a little monkey all around the zoo. Hear Hunter is sharing fish food with the koi... 2 for the koi 1 for hunter... : )

The weather was great for the zoo. It was cool enough that all the animals were active. Hunter had some serious communications with the bears. I am just glad there was glass... Hunter seems to have no fear.

After all the fun with Grampa Brown and he headed home Hunter went to the Garden to help out... AKA eat dirt. I am just waiting for the dirt filled diaper tonight. Yuck!

16 April 2009


I decided not to post a picture this time to prevent from grossing everyone out that reads this. Hunter walked into the bathroom this morning grabbed the toilet and tried to sit on it, so I took off his diaper and placed him on his toilet. I had thought he had just peed when I picked him up, but Hunter had left me two big suprises. My goodness Hunter is proud of himself. I did text a pix to his daddy who would be very proud. Especially that he could fill it that much!

13 April 2009

HipHoppity Easter!

What an action packed Easter! By the time Easter had arrived we had dyed eggs three times! We just wanted to be sure we were ready!
The Saturday before Easter Hunter went with his neighbor friends to the Zoo Easter egg hunt! The three of them sure can keep each other entertained! The girls kept trying to carry Hunter everywhere. Hunter just wanted to chase the geese while grunting at them. I was afraid the geese would attack Hunter, but apparently the noise he was making intimidated them. The Geese would waddle away look at him, Hunter would grunt, and then the Geese would run.What perfect weather to chase Geese and look for eggs!
By the time we got home from the zoo Granny Di was waiting for us to go to the Friend's University Egg Hunt( My old Alma Mater)We were eleven Minutes late and the Hunt was over. There were Kids everywhere! Luckily they had an Easter carnival following the Hunt. It was a very well put together carnival. They had activities for all age groups, so Hunter even had plenty of options to keep himself entertained. Course he was happy just watching all the kids while laughing, clapping, and grunting. He was just beside himself!Course then Hunter found the duck pond and he parked himself there. Kids would come up and take their turn while Hunter was sitting there next to them. He helped the kids find the winning duck cause he would pick up the ducks and show the kids the number before they would pick his/her duck. They thought it was sweet...Hunter was completely oblivious he was just fascinated by the moving water.
By the time we got to Granny Di's House Hunter was pooped out! At least he slept well!
Easter Sunday was a rainy day here. I normally love rain, but I was so looking forward to an egg Hunt outside for Hunter. My Hunter looked super handsome in his suit regardless of the weather. We made the best of it! We stuffed ourselves silly and then looked for the Goodies the Easter bunny left us inside. Hunter of course found all of the eggs on the stairs and the bed. Course after he found each egg he would open it and want to eat the goodies. When I put the eggs in his basket he would get mad at me thinking I was stealing his goodies. Good thing he doesn't get candy often cause it sure makes Hunter bossy! By the time it was all over I was pooped and Hunter was on a sugar high running around. Researchers say that there is no such thing as a sugar high. I say these researchers do not have children! Hunter is my case study and he proves them wrong. Crazy boy running around in circles!! We all had fun. Anton and I confiscated all the candy and hid It so we could get some sleep. I know we are mean parents. : ) Gotta love it!
Happy Easter and Spring to Everyone!

08 April 2009

Play day

Tony suprised Hunter and me by taken a much needed vacation day. We went up to the farm. We fished, burned, and just messed in the mud.
Since we were already dirty we went to Granny Di's and played in her garden with her.

Hunter helped papa bear load things up.

05 April 2009

Where the eggs mommie!

We are getting into the Easter spirit this year! We dyed eggs last weekend with the grandparents and this past Friday with the neighbor girls. The Easter bunny even brought some early treats for Hunter and the neighbor girls. I love the dollar aisle at target. Seeing three little ones jumping in delight when you spent next to nothing rox!
Hunter isn't really into the dying. He did dye two eggs of his own. Unbroken I might add. The three kiddos had 48 eggs to dye and probably 20 of them ended up broken. We called it our deviled egg stash. Yum... drop a couple more for me!
Even with all the fun he had Hunter is far more interested in finding the eggs. He has gotten the plastic egg thing figured out and gets excited each time he finds one. He can get those things opened in nothing flat. Course he hasn't figured out the wrapper thing. He just pops the candy foil and all in his mouth. I should stick with cheerios! Course that wouldn't be spoiling! : ) (for those concerned out there.. No I do not let him have tons of candy. I feel like I gorged him with one chocolate egg and three skittles after all of his searching) Oh I am so excited for his first real Easter Hunt... What Fun!