30 March 2009


I am so behind on posting. Slap my wrist. How am I supposed to remember all the little things if I don't put them down anywhere? Yes, I say this blog is about keep friends and family in touch, but really it is for me. I love to brag and it keeps me on top of writing down the sweet things. I am going to wait to write about sledding in the blizzard and play dough fun until I get copies of the pix from Granny
Di. Don't let me forget though. If I do I may forget forever!
I will currently treat you with my license renewal. I took my little chunky monkey with me to the DMV to get my license renewed, so I can get a library card. Hunter sees all the people and takes it as his cue to perform. "Tada people I am the cutest baby you have ever seen and I am going to make sure you know it." Yes Hunter's vocabulary has improved. ; ) Anyways, he made tons of friends and even tried to take my eye exam for me. Then I walked over to the test taking area. That is where it went down hill. At first he just tried to get down and run a way. Then he cried.... then he tried to assist the neighbor with his test and got upset when the gentleman tried to ignore him.... then he began to lick my face. I don't mean just a lil lick and then a hehe I mean Hooch dog lick all over my face. You should have seen the peoples faces. I got up and asked for a pencil and paper for Hunter. Sweet action it worked. He was enthralled in his pencil marks. Okay I just got to check the new gas efficiency questions in the book. What are all these marks all over my test? I guess Hunter thought he would help me out. Then he wanted to help the guy next to us away after biting the eraser off the pencil. I finally finished and went to turn in my test. The employee didn't even glance at my test... just took it and threw it in the pile and said you are ready for your picture. Guess they were ready to get me out of there.
If you ever get the chance to look at my photo you will notice that I am holding something. Yes that would be Hunter. He almost made it out of the DMV while taking my picture, so the lady in exasperation just told me to hold him and she would try to keep him out of my pix. I just busted up laughing at the whole situation while I drove off. I have never had renewing my license been such an event.
Wonder what his deal was cause normally he doesn't get out of control like that. Maybe he knew I was to shy to punish him in DMV world.
Today Hunter reminded me of how dear heart he is. As I was looking at something while shopping I felt a little tug. Then it was a pull with a redirection and I found myself directly facing Hunter. He gave me a sweet smile then a big old hug. Maybe he just thought his mommy needed a hug. He was right! I am amazed at his soul!

20 March 2009

Bannana Brush

Hunter loves people almost as much as he loves food. He loved showing of for his Great Pappy and Great Granny Tiger while hanging at the Hayes. Then whined till he talked them into a stroll outside while I fixed him a snack of oranges and bananas. Crazy kid kept trying to stash some into my purse.

Hunter right now is in a fruit and veggie phase. I think it is great that he enjoys healthy foods. Apparently he thought my hair could use a little vitamin D. This morning I was brushing my hair and it seemed like I just couldn't get this knot out. I looked at my brush and it had a pile of goo covered in hair. Ugh... gag me with a spoon! Where did he get that banana from?

Oh Hunter had a great St. Patrick's Day. The leprechauns left him treats in his shoes. He thought it was great fun to throw the treat filled shoes in his crib to see how high they would bounce. Not what I intended, but hey enjoyed his leprechaun goodies. I had to work that day so I sent the camera to daycare. I think he might have gotten a few kisses from his girlfriends. : )

17 March 2009

Happy St. Paddy's Day

We want to wish you a happy St. Paddy's day and to remind you to wear Green.

16 March 2009

Baby Mozart.

Okay so it wasn't Mozart, but it sure was cute. Anything that makes music... noise Hunter loves. Course it isn't alway convienant when you are at your friends American Traditions party. : )

11 March 2009

Chillin with Hunter

I have been bad about posting lately. I get irritated at myself when I don't blog cause I don't want to forget all of the precious moments. Hunter is getting more and more active. I have been looking online for some fun activities for him to do. I got this bucket of rice idea off the Internet. What a mess! He absolutely loved it. I am still finding rice everywhere! Oh we need a sandbox so bad!
While checking out the Internet I found out the town I live in just built a new library, so Hunter and I had to investigate. Coffee shop yum! The Children's area is quite large with lots of activities. Apparently we showed up when they were having baby hour and they invited us to join! Hunter loved it! He could hardly contain himself. He wanted to give each kid a hug! We learned some new songs and rhymes. I think I am going to make this a regular item on our to do list!
Also I try to get hunter to play outside every day regardless of the temperature. I admit on cold days I wimp out and we do not stay out long. Hunter acts like he doesn't even notice when it is cold. He gets to busy rearranging the neighbors rock garden and digging to China in our back yard. He loves burying things including my feet. I am so glad that we have a big yard cause this boy loves to roam! (so much like his daddy!)

I think that ridding on the tractor with his Daddy and Grampa are also going to be some regular activities!
I took Hunter to the mall today and as soon as he saw the new play area he was itching to check it out. Besides all the kids the slide was by far his favorite part. What a dare devil. He kept trying to sneak up there with out me seeing so he could go down by himself. He definitely gives me a work out! Oh and he lost his pinkie nail. No clue how and and he never whined like he hurt it.
My goodness child what am I going to do with you!

08 March 2009

Filling up the potty!

Yes that is pee in Hunter's brand new potty and Yes it is Hunter's! Woohoo. I know we are still far away from potty training, but hey it is a big step!

01 March 2009


Thank goodness. I am whole again. My camera was kidnapped by my son, but my hero husband found where my son the culprit stashed it. Under the guest bed with some of his toys. I never would have thought to look there! Course it made me want to hassle the company that has my new camera for hostage, but they have been closed all weekend. Lucky them. I am going to be on them like flies to butter starting this Monday.

Well some of the pix that were camping out on my camera are here. My son one morning decided to act like the flash was too bright. Well if you read my blog at all you know he has had his picture taken on a very regular basis. The flash has never bothered him before. I realized he was just pretending when I turned off the flash and he was still making the faces. Where in the world did he learn that the flash is supposed to bother your eyes?

Also we have a little climber now. He can climb up quite a few things in nothing flat, so you really got to keep an eye on him. Yep our jobs got that much busier: ) Were loving it.

He is still only walking about five steps at a time, but is getting sturdier doing it. I sure need to get a video of it quick. My lil man is growing up.