29 January 2009

Its my birthday and I can cry if I want to...

Okay I don't really want to cry. My son may be sick and threw up all over the bed and pooped all in the tub, but I have the day off from work! I decided to take the day off and I am glad. My hubby took me out for Mexican last night and now I am home with a sick kid who wants to cuddle all day. Life is good! I bet you can't guess who this is in the picture. : )

28 January 2009

Not So Wordless Wednesday

I put this picture up to explain why Hunter's room always has things scattered around. He absolutely loves getting things out and putting them in different spots. I swear he comes into contact with every single one of his toys everyday. Once he does his rounds around his room he does his rounds around the house. He knows where all of his toys are kept. He also knows when they will be put up, It cracks me up. Is he doing inventory? He sure notices if we start storing some of his stuff somewhere else

I put this picture up to brag about our lil man's coordination. Oh he loves his drums and he sure acts like he knows what he is doing.

My big cheeser! He loves his rides. Course he primarily goes backwards on them.

I love his random facial expressions

And he is off again!

27 January 2009

12 months of pix.

Two weeks
One Month

Two months

3 months

4 months

5 months

5.5 months

6 months

7 months

7 months

8 months

9 months

10 months

11 months

One Year!

One Year Pix!

We did it! One year pix!
We took family pix at six months and then a year. My goal is to get family pix taken twice a year and when our kid(hopefully kids) are grown to still get whole family pix at least once a year. I can bribe them right?

This is the one we got of the whole family. We got it in a 10X13 to place it in a beautiful frame I got for Christmas and it turns out the frame is an 8X10. Oh I could kick myself.

Look at his mouth full of teeth. Poor baby is getting his molars.

He is truly such a happy kid. It is a joy being around him. If he is fussy he sure has a good reason.

This is his build-a-bear that he went with me to get on his First birthday. He loves dinosaurs for some reason. He got the sound in it that roars. My goodness does he love that.

We got this in a 5X7. We have been so bad about getting pix of just the two of us.

I think this is the cutest ever. We spent way to much money for this, but we got it. I love the multi image pix. It saves room and shows a variety of his expressions. Look at that happy boy.
We also spent way too much on this one as well( mind you I do not like spending more than three dollars for a pix). I really enjoy his stare into your soul look.

23 January 2009

You belong in the Zoo!

Our lil Hunter is getting huge. He was busting the seams on his clothes, so Anton took us to the Carter's outlet store last night. We rocked the 1.99 rack! Hunter is going to be looking good. Hunter doesn't tolerate me dressing him up in all of his out fits to well, so I just laid him on them to show of his new threads.

I am so proud of my smart little man. This morning Hunter helped me color in his new coloring book he got for Christmas. He colors surprisingly well. Course he always makes sure that the crayons taste just right before using them.

Grampa Brown came to town to visit. We took advantage of the above freezing weather and went to the zoo.
We tried out the petting zoo.

Hunter's reputation must of proceeded him. All the sheep ran from him.

We finally found one that was too cold to care.
We made sure to stop by one of Hunter's favorite places. The penguins!

Hunter now measures up to a Humboldt penguin. My little boy is getting so big.

It was still a bit windy out so we figured we should head to an indoor attraction.

The Rainforest! Grampa Brown's favorite attraction of our Zoo! Definitely mine on cold days!

Had to stop by the Golden Lion Tamarans. They sure would be sweet pets.

I must admit that I am still a kid at heart and love the swinging bridge!

Hunter was enamored by the wildlife in the jungle.

He tried with all of his might to get free to meet the animals hands on.

Hey I wasn't done playing with them!

Another one of Hunter's favorite attractions is the Jungle fish.

I think that fish could swallow you whole!

I took us forever to get a decent picture by the waterfall. He kept wanting to go for a swim. Did you forget about that huge fish you just saw?!

When he is ready to go he is ready to go!