14 December 2009


My son used to love going everywhere with his feet bare. I couldn't even keep socks on the dude. Then this summer at the lake I told Hunter he couldn't play outside with out shoes in case there was glass. Little did I know that moment would make a radical change in Hunter's life. Since that day he begs to put on shoes. I believe he associates it with being able to go out and play. First thing in the morning after getting a drink he goes to his shoe drawer and grabs a pair of shoes for me to put on his feet. I guess it means that he is ready to play.
He just got some new shoes that need to be tied and I told Hunter he can't go anywhere unless his shoes are tied.
I guess the dude took it to heart. If his shoe comes untied regardless of what he is doing or where he is he just sits down and waits for someone to come tie his shoe. He gets fussy if it takes a while for someone to tie his shoe.
At least I have learned he sure takes what I say to heart, so I better be careful with what I say. : )


Brad said...

Learning that kids actually believe what you say takes a long time. It is an important lesson though.

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

He is very intelligent!! :)

prashant said...

Love the helmet!!!

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